4 Things You Need To Know If There Is An Accident At Your Business

As a business owner, you know that there are many different challenges you have to face on a regular basis. Unfortunately sometimes things happen sometimes that can get the business owner in some serious legal trouble if they aren’t careful. Not to mention you need to have the backs of your employees in all situations. It’s unethical to treat the people that work for you badly or to not offer them support if they are hurt while working for you. 

You should have safety protocols in place and make sure everyone who works for you is trained well and aware of the protocols, but no matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen. Here are 4 things to know if there’s an accident at your business.

They May File A Personal Injury Claim

Every case is different, and it’s up to the person who is involved in the accident to decide what to do, but if someone gets hurt while working for you they may choose to file a personal injury claim and hire a personal injury lawyer. If this happens, don’t panic. Unless the court finds that whatever caused the accident was due to poor business practices, you will likely be fine. You should have a lawyer of your own though, just in case. 

You’ll Have To Pay For Any Time Off Needed

If someone is injured while working for you and has to take any amount of time off work, you’ll have to pay them for that time. It’s called worker’s compensation and exists in all industries. If you are insured as a business owner (as you should be), your insurance company will likely cover these costs, but if not you will have to pay them yourself. 

You Need To Stay Calm

In the immediate, when an accident happens try not to think about the future implications or legal trouble. Stay calm and think only about what you need to do to make sure the person injured gets the medical attention they need. You should have a plan in place to call an ambulance or drive them to the hospital if needed.

Don’t Forget To File An Incident Report

No matter how small an accident or injury may seem at the time it occurs, you should always file an incident report so that there is proof of exactly what happened in case the injury gets worse later on or has lasting implications. Lawyers, doctors, and insurance companies may all want to see this report so make sure you have a special, easily accessible file where these are kept. 

Accidents can be scary and stressful, especially when they occur at the business you own. Just  keep in mind the things on this list and you will get through it.