Retaining Employees and Keeping Them Happy

Your employees play a massive role within your business. If your employees are not happy, or if they feel undervalued, then they will not want to work for your business, and as a result, productivity levels will drop, and so too will staff morale. It costs more money to fill vacancy spots, and it is more cost-effective to focus on staff retention. So, with this in mind, what can you do to improve employee relations? And how can you ensure that employees are happy, fulfilled, and focused on what they are doing?

Look at Your Leadership

Figure out what type of leader you are and figure out if you are a leader that can nurture and foster positive employee relations. It can be difficult to put yourself in the place of your employees, but it can be hugely beneficial. When you can see what they are going through and how they feel as an employee, you can then start to make positive changes. Seeing through your employees’ eyes is important, and it can help you create and develop a strong bond with all of your employees.

Conduct Regular Happiness Surveys

Some employees will be happy to tell you when something is bothering them or even when something is upsetting them. However, not all staff will feel so comfortable or confident. Happiness surveys are more often than not anonymous, and they can be handed out every few months or more regularly if you feel they need to be. Within happiness surveys, you get to see first-hand where employees need help and assistance and where you (as an employer) need to make changes and improvements. Conducting regular surveys can help any problems be quickly straightened out and rectified.

Hold Employee Only Events

When your employees work hard for your business, they should be rewarding. Organizing employee-only events can be beneficial to morale. Boosting morale will be positive within your business, and it could be a driver behind business growth and progression. When it comes to holding events for your employees, you could focus on themed events, or you could focus on parties that wine and dine your employees’. Parties could be quick and easy to organize if they take place within your office or business location, or they could be grand, perhaps held at a local hotel, with a private party bartending service and a five-course meal. You know your employees, and you know the type of party they would appreciate. When employees take part in events and parties, staff morale is boosted, and individuals end up feeling part of the team you have built.

Incentivize Employees

For employees on variable pay like your sales reps and customer-facing teams, always ensure that your sales compensation plans are tailored to keep them motivated and happy. Your top-performers should want to stay in your company because of the attractive incentives they receive on meeting their targets.

Encourage Communication at All Levels

Quite often, through miscommunication, employees can become disgruntled. Keep employees in contact with managers and with team leaders and ensure that communication channels are open at all times. If a clear communications process and channel is not maintained, there will be areas where mistakes can be made. There will be times when problems or minor issues escalate unnecessarily. To ensure this does not happen with your employees, always encourage open and transparent communication at all levels.