Running a small start-up can be a balancing act at the best of times, but keeping your head above water during an unprecedented global pandemic is set to make life extremely challenging over the next few uncertain months. If your business is to survive in one piece until the coronavirus crisis blows over, the importance of having a comprehensive contingency plan cannot be overstated. Read on for some measures that you as a business owner should consider implementing straight away.

1. A Capable Second-in-Command

In the event that you are laid low with illness for an extended period of time, a capable number two will be worth their weight in gold. Providing you have not done so already, make sure that you appoint someone you trust to run things in your absence as soon as you can.

2. Be Flexible with Sick Days

Encourage your employees to advise you at the first sign that they may be coming down with an illness. Let them know that they will not be persecuted for taking sick days. One member of the team getting ill will have a much smaller impact than if several are forced to self-isolate at the same time.

3. Prepare for Absences

Make sure that each member of your team is familiar enough with one another’s roles to fill in for each other in the event that the team is short of numbers for a while. Arrange a timetable where each member of staff gives a short presentation to the others detailing the essential skills and knowledge that allow them to perform their role.

4. Working from Home

One way to protect both your employees and your business is to allow your team to work remotely. Having a team that is not all in the same place may require communicating and working with the aid of remote team-working software.

5. Stock Up On Hygiene Products

Do your best to get hold of bottles of hand sanitizer and place them around the workspace for everyone to use whenever they arrive at work. Make sure that surfaces are wiped down with antiseptic wipes on a regular basis to minimize the risk of the virus spreading.

6. Take Measures to Combat Financial Uncertainty

If you are not familiar with the ins and outs of your insurance policy, it is a good idea to make sure that your employees are covered if they should fall ill while they are doing work-related travel. In the event of complete lock-down, check to see whether your business qualifies for any government-issues financial aid packages. 

7. Learn from the Experience

When this is all over, make sure that you remain vigilant in preparing your business for future crises. Devise a contingency plan for how you might temporarily deal without resources and manpower to help you pull through in the event of similar future occurrences.

If there is one thing that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us it is that our economy is on a more unstable footing than we had previously believed. Make sure you take the measures listed about and follow government advice. Hopefully, everything will be business as usual again before long.