How to Use an Online Booklet Printing Service

An online booklet printing service is a great way to get high-quality, professional-looking booklets printed quickly and inexpensively. With a wide variety of paper types and binding options, there’s something for everyone. In addition, there’s no extra cost for custom printing, so you can customize your booklets to fit your budget. Whether you’re in the printing business or just looking to print some brochures, there are a few essential things to consider when deciding on an online booklet printing service. After all, it’s not just the printing process that will determine your success but the quality of your finished product.

Create two-page, side-by-side printer spreads

Using an online booklet printing service to create two-page, side-by-side printer spreads is a challenge. Many printers will not accept files with two-page spreads. However, you can do a few things to get your booklet to print well. The first thing to do is open up the Print Booklet settings. The Print Booklet dialog box is on the left side of your screen. This is where you can create printer spreads for professional printing. You can also select “Print Blank Pages” if you haven’t yet made a print-ready PDF. You’ll also see a summary of your current settings in the Print Booklet dialog box. This includes a color picture of the printer spreads you’ve created. It also has a scroll box that changes the printer applies on display.


Using die-cutting when printing a booklet or brochure can be an excellent attention-getting trick. The technology allows you to print a variety of shapes on your paper, including hearts, triangles, arrows, and even logos. However, it is essential to understand that die-cutting is only for some print projects. It can be expensive for your print project and may add extra steps. Though its name suggests, die-cutting is about something other than creating fun and exciting shapes. It can also be a valuable marketing tool for your business. It can attract customers and make your printed piece more functional. Usually, the best results come from working with a professional printer. A professional can help you decide if die-cutting is suitable for your project and ensure that you achieve the best results. It is also important to remember that there are other options for producing your print project, such as digital printing.

Scoring & Folding

During the production process of an online booklet printing service, there are several basic finishing techniques, including scoring and folding. These techniques can make your printed piece more attractive and practical. However, if not done correctly, they can leave unsightly folds and cracks along the folded edge. Scoring is the process of creating a crease in the paper. This crease can be made either while the document is being printed or after printing. When it is done after printing, it is often referred to as “inline scoring.” When it is done during the printing process, it is referred to as “press-scoring.” A scoring device is used to make the crease. A device is a metal-edged tool that makes a dip in the paper. This creates a smooth fold and makes the folding process easier.


An online booklet printing service can be a great way to get a cost-effective way to share contact information with your customers. However, perforation can cause headaches if it is done incorrectly. Following a few simple rules, you can ensure that your printed piece is ready for use. One of the most common forms of perforation is found in brochures and leaflets. These materials have special perforation rules that must be followed to ensure that the piece looks professional and is easy to tear apart. One way to perforate leaflets is to create a perforation line that runs along the crease of the leaf. It is important to note that the perforation line should be parallel to the crease of the leaf and not extend from one end of the leaf to the other. A minimum of three lines must be perforated along the crease.

Shipping options

Whether you are a first-time publisher or are looking for an economical option, a booklet printing service is an excellent choice. They are a great way to share information with many people in a concise format. You can choose from a variety of sizes and paper types. They are also available in multiple binding options. Book printing costs depend on the number of pages, trim size, paper type, and binding. A higher volume will lower the price per unit.

You can choose wire-O, spiral, or saddle stitching for your booklet’s binding. A heavier paper stock offers more pages per pound, making it ideal for budget copies or quick copies. For books with imagery, coated paper stocks are recommended. You can also opt for a glossy finish for a professional look. Another critical decision is the cover. You can use various covers, including plain, colored, or foil-stamped. The front cover is usually printed in CMYK color mode, while the back cover is either printed in black or white.