Tips For Optimizing Remote Online Notarization

In this video clip from the Complete Notary Mentorship webinar, you’ll learn tips for optimizing remote online notarization. RON can be a great source of income for notaries, but it’s essential to market your services effectively so potential customers can find you.

Consistent state laws permitting RON in real estate financial transactions are essential. 

Update Your NotaryLive Profile

Each year, more than 1 billion document transactions require a notarized signature. Traditionally, these transactions have been in person or through mail. But now, online notarization is available, making it possible to sign documents from anywhere in the world digitally.

The first step is to update your profile to include your notary commission, years of experience, and other relevant details. Also, share your profile with friends, family, and other connections to ensure you’re top of mind whenever someone needs a document notarized.

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

A robust Google Business Profile is essential for generating calls and leads from potential clients. In addition to the standard information like your business hours and location, you can add service areas that help potential customers easily find you.

These service areas can be based on cities, postal codes, or other geographical regions that you serve. You can also track customer reviews, product views, and bookings on your GMB dashboard.

It’s essential to optimize and maintain your Google Business profile regularly. This includes updating your business hours, responding to customer reviews, and ensuring all relevant information is correct. Setting up a dedicated team member to manage your profile and promptly respond to questions and concerns is also a good idea.

Optimize Your RON Platform

The best remote online notarization providers can help you streamline your workflows and offer a seamless experience for all parties involved. These platforms should be available 24/7, including electronic journal and seal features, ID verification, and audio-visual communication.

They should also have extensive customer support and resources to help you start with RON. This will minimize the learning curve for new users and help you move closer to an optimized RON process.

Ensure the RON platform you choose is permitted in all states with permanent RON laws and meets notary law requirements and standards, such as knowledge-based authentication, which verifies signer identity based on answers to a series of questions verified from a database. It should also allow you to create reusable templates for common types of documents and have the ability to add custom fields.

Embrace Sustainability and Boost Your Competitive Edge

With remote online notarization, you can connect with clients worldwide via secure video conferences and real-time identity verification. The resulting efficiency expedites workflows and reduces paper waste. This saves time and bolsters your profit margins by eliminating travel expenses and expanding your client base.

To maximize the impact of your RON platform, it’s essential to optimize your website so visitors can easily understand how RON works and its benefits. Your home page should feature a clear call to action for your services. It might be a link to request a quote or a form that leads them to your scheduling system. Be sure to display testimonials from satisfied customers to build credibility further and trust with prospective clients.

Optimize Your Social Media Presence

In addition to promoting your new services, you can join professional RON groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to meet other notaries and share referrals. Finally, you can update your website and Google Business page to highlight that you now offer RON.

Optimization may sound scary in digital marketing, but it doesn’t have to be! The simple tactics in this blog post and a tool like Sprout can help you approach social media proactively while making informed decisions based on solid data.

With a little effort, you can optimize your remote online notarization to ensure it’s as successful as possible. Remember to keep up with the latest technology, educate your market, and stay motivated!