Understanding Family Law - A Comprehensive Guide for Anthem AZ Residents

Whether you are considering marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, or domestic violence, specific legalities must be considered. A family law attorney can help you comprehend these laws and ensure that your interests are protected.

Marriage and Divorce

A marriage is a serious commitment. If you are considering getting married, you should meet with an attorney who practices in family law Anthem AZ to discuss the implications of your decision. You can learn more about prenuptial and cohabitation agreements and the legal prerequisites for marriage from an attorney.

When a couple ends their marriage, they must file a Petition for Dissolution with the court. Arizona is a no-fault state, so the spouse who files the petition does not need to provide evidence of marital misconduct. However, property obtained during the marriage is subject to division.

Couples considering divorce may also wish to consider a covenant marriage, linked to fewer children born out of wedlock and reduced sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, a covenant marriage could make couples more eligible for healthcare coverage through an employer’s plan or the individual marketplace. However, terminating a covenant marriage is longer than a standard divorce.

Child Custody

Children are often the most pressing issue for couples facing a divorce or separation. The parent’s ability to work together and create a mutually agreeable custody arrangement will be heavily weighed during the court proceedings.

If the court grants joint legal custody, both parents can participate in important choices about the child’s welfare, education, religious upbringing, and medical treatment. In contrast, sole legal custody would give one parent authority to make these decisions without the other’s input.

The court will also establish a visitation (or access) schedule that allows the noncustodial parent to spend reasonable periods with the child. It may play a big role in calculating how much child support is due. Unlike spousal support, Arizona does not automatically grant visitation rights to unmarried parents. If the visiting parent violates any custody or visitation orders, they can be held in contempt of court and face serious consequences, including jail time.


Whether dealing with the emotional strain of divorce or trying to gain custody of your child, a skilled family law attorney can help. International counterintelligence services can also assist you with gathering evidence that can be used in court to prove your claims when fighting for child custody or visitation rights.

Family law is a complex area of practice that covers many different issues and emotions. It involves deeply personal topics, and a successful career requires a combination of specialized knowledge and people skills.

As you can see, Anthem has a lot to offer families looking for a new home. This unique neighborhood is special in many ways, including its low poverty rate and high levels of educational attainment. Nearly 9% of residents have a master’s or doctoral degree, higher than the national average. Many of these residents work in healthcare or retail. These professionals can find affordable housing in Anthem and commute to work in Phoenix, where the economy is booming.

Property Division

When a couple divorces, they must divide up their property. It can include tangible items like cash, cars, real estate, and furniture and intangible assets like stock options, patents, and copyrights. Some states, such as Arizona, consider all assets acquired during marriage community property, while others distinguish between marital and separate properties.

The city of Anthem is family-friendly, with secure neighborhoods and kid-friendly activities. Residents here are highly educated, with a significant percentage possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher. The community is also affluent, with many residents working in management and professional occupations.

With its distinctly suburban vibe and wild Sonoran Desert mountain vistas, Anthem is a great choice for families. But as a newly-developed community, it has its issues, including a high crime rate and a higher cost of living than the Phoenix metro area average. That’s why it’s important to consult an experienced Anthem property division attorney who can help clients understand their legal rights and make wise decisions.