5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a VoIP Phone Service

Before deciding on VoIP phone service, consider features, pricing, customer service, security, and more. These aspects are vital for a successful VoIP phone service. In addition, ensure your internet connection is the speed and stability needed for high-quality calls.


When choosing a VoIP phone service, you should look at the features it offers. For example, some VoIP services limit the number of people you can call, while others allow you to call anyone you want. Despite the many benefits of VoIP phone systems, they require a reliable internet connection. Choosing a service with a reliable connection is important for avoiding dropped calls.

Another useful feature is call forwarding. You can use call forwarding to redirect calls to another number. For instance, you can redirect incoming calls to your cell phone if you cannot answer them. You can redirect these calls to a receptionist or another line if you’re in the office. You can even choose to forward calls to voicemail if you prefer. You can also use this feature to monitor calls without the caller’s knowledge. This is useful for improving the customer experience and maintaining the training of your agents.


The pricing of a VoIP home phone service depends on several factors. First, the number of extensions your company will require will determine the monthly cost of the VoIP service. Then, there is the cost of outside lines. Most VoIP providers offer several options with their extensions, but you don’t necessarily need all of them. For example, you may only need five call paths if you have ten internal extensions. Additionally, you may need to pay a one-time setup fee for porting your old phone numbers to the VoIP service.

The cost of a VoIP phone service varies widely from provider to provider. Some providers have free or low-cost plans, while others are priced in the single digits. However, it is important to avoid free or low-priced VoIP phone services, as these may come with hidden charges or limited features.

Customer service

Customer service is an important consideration when choosing VoIP phone service. You should find out how many ways you can contact the provider if you experience any problems. If the provider only offers one phone number, you might be in for a rude surprise. Also, knowing how many extensions you can add to your plan is important.

You also need to check how often the VoIP provider contacts its customers. If the company is not in contact with its customers, chances are it isn’t focusing on improving its service. In addition, it’s important to choose a VoIP service provider that can grow with your business.


Security should be one of your top priorities when choosing VoIP phone service. VoIP services that offer end-to-end encryption will protect your business against cyber attacks. This will ensure that incoming and outgoing traffic is encrypted, and your employees will never have to worry about their data being stolen or misused.

VoIP security can be improved by following best practices, choosing a secure provider, and requesting compliance accreditation. Ensure that the provider is certified to meet industry security standards. Your data can be compromised by using an unencrypted WiFi network, but a VoIP provider that does not offer call encryption puts you at risk for various security breaches.

Another important VoIP security feature is intrusion detection. Intrusions can damage your business’s network, and intrusion detection is one of the most effective ways to prevent them. VoIP service logs will let you know the number of calls made by a specific number, their duration, and their destinations.

Backup plan

When choosing VoIP phone service for your business, look for a provider with a robust backup plan. This plan should be able to handle any unexpected outages or issues, including those that occur at one or more data centers. It should also work with existing tools, such as softphone apps and third-party SIP hardware. Though VoIP phone services are generally more reliable than they used to be, a backup plan is still important.

Choosing a backup plan that can work during a power outage is also important. Many VoIP systems will not operate without a battery or generator backup plan. Depending on the type of system you choose, some providers may even offer applications to help you stay connected during power outages.