Chat API Documentation - What You Need to Know

The Chat API Documentation is a comprehensive source of information about how to use the chat API to build a chat application. It covers many topics, including web widgets, anti-spam, and customizable themes. The documentation is divided into sections that are easy to understand.

WebWidget Component

The Chat API WebWidget component allows you to create a chat widget that is visible to your website visitors. The chat widget can be configured to use various data. For example, it can also access the title and location of the current page. The Chat API WebWidget component also allows you to set up callbacks for when the chat starts and ends.

The chat API documentation component comes with an example application. This application demonstrates creating a widget emulating an in-app chat conversation. The demo application shows the widget’s configuration. For it to work, you must confirm the link to the mobile application’s profile page. Once you’ve established this, the device will show.


The Chat API documentation for NextPosition describes the basic operations you can perform to interact with the chat feature. The first step is to call the Get Limits method, which checks whether the chat session has file upload limitations, file types, and file size limits. Once these parameters are met, you can upload and retrieve files in the chat session. You can also get the file’s id value, which can be used to delete or download the file.


The Unity SDK v1.4.0 includes an anti-spam filtering library for Unity chat. The filtering library must support regular expressions and keywords. This library implements the text-matching interface through a ClassNIM.ToolsAPI class, which returns the replaced character string. The mode of the text-matching operation must be configured in the management background.

This parameter requires an IP address, as it’s used to block spam messages. Other options include allowed countries, which will enable notifications from certain countries, allowed languages, and a threshold of three. The check for length parameter should be specified with a minimum length of five characters since shorter texts may be considered spam.

Customizable Themes

Embedding a custom chat API into your application design is vital in enhancing user experience. Stream Chat offers a rich theming system that enables you to customize your chat UI and brand appearance. For example, you can change the primary color of your chat launcher and its icon, among other options.

Select the colors you want for each interface part to customize your theme. To do so, go to Mattermost’s settings and choose ‘Custom Theme.’ Themes can be applied to a single team or all teams simultaneously. In addition, users can discard any changes they have made to a custom theme later.


Webhooks are events that are triggered by certain circumstances. For example, if a user changes a configurable attribute of a User, then a new webhook request is sent. Another event started by a webhook is when the user’s reachability status changes. A webhook can send data using a GET or POST method. It can also emit a chatbot message if an action fails to execute.

There are many uses for webhooks. For example, a chatbot might need to receive a message when a new match is added, or a message is received. A seller might want to reach out to the user after viewing their product. A webhook could send a reminder about a raid, guild, or game event in a gaming app.