Mobile Games to Make Travel More Enticing 

Travel is what some people live for. The thrill of discovering a new place, exploring all of the winding alleys that it has to offer, and getting to know a different culture while you experience a place so far from home – there’s a lot to love. However, what some people don’t like so much about travel could be the process of getting there in the first place. The time you spend basically waiting around isn’t the only negative, but there’s a solution that could help you navigate potential downtime.

That solution comes in the form of mobile gaming, and if it’s something you’ve yet to fully dive into, there could be a new hobby waiting for you here.

FTL: Faster Than Light

If the phone at your side is produced by Apple, you might be in a good position to pick up one of the most popular rogue-like titles of the early 2010s. FTL was something of a pioneer in its genre back in the day, and if you’ve never had a PC to play it on, then now is your chance. With the laidback strategy that the game uses, and the fact that each run essentially starts you from scratch due to the game’s very nature, this game is an ideal candidate when you need to kill some time. 

Online Casino Games

If your interest in games comes more from what you’re familiar with in the physical world, the option of online casino games might interest you. With this medium being digitised and brought closer than ever to video games through various outlets, simply searching for a no deposit free spin casino can get you started — allowing you to choose one with all of the games and aesthetic qualities that you value. These outlets can also help you to discover new games that you’re less familiar with, branching your interest further outwards.


Perhaps your interest lies more in playing multiplayer games than closing the gap between mobile gaming and what you might be familiar with through consoles and PCs. In this case, turning to popular multiplayer, multi-platform games, such as Fortnite, can allow you to get involved with the action, regardless of your location. This can also mean that you have a way of continuing to socialise as you would normally, even when away from home.

Final Fantasy VII

It’s common to frequently hear games being referred to as ‘one of the greatest of all time’ and just having to take people’s word for it due to a lack of your own personal experience with the title. Many times, this is because the game was released on an older platform, and you didn’t play it when it was released. 

This might be the case with Final Fantasy VII, which is often cited for being up among the greats, and while you might have once needed a PlayStation console to play it, the original game is now available on mobile platforms, meaning that it’s the perfect time to get into this role-playing experience, and see what all the hype is about.