Changing Your Legacy Phone System Is Essential to Improve Employee and Customer Communication

If you are still using an old phone system for your business, it is likely time to upgrade. You may feel hesitant about changing your legacy phone system, but doing so can make a significant difference. In addition to potentially lowering your costs and improving the reliability of your phone service, it can improve employee and customer communication. 

The following are some of the ways that changing your legacy phone system can improve communication between your employees and customers: 

Paging for Customer Service 

If your current phone system doesn’t include the ability to page people, an upgrade can dramatically enhance your customer service. With the ability to page employees, you can quickly let someone know when they have an important call. This is especially important in companies where employees have specialized tasks or work with specific clients. Simply put, clients won’t have to wait on the phone as long for the right person to answer. 

Call Forwarding for Customer Service

Call forwarding can help with communication in the same way. With this simple feature, whoever receives the call can easily reroute it to the right person. 

Call Recording for Complicated Orders 

Call recording is another feature modern phone systems have to improve communications. One example is getting complicated orders over the phone. If you record calls, you can listen to the conversation again to confirm if the order is right. 

Features like call or voicemail transcription can also offer a similar benefit but with even less work for employees. Instead of confirming orders by listening, they can just read the transcript. 

And for Customer Service

Of course, call recording can also help with customer service. You can use it to ensure that employees properly communicate product information to customers or give them accurate information. 

And for Customer Disputes

Call recording can also come in handy if you have a disgruntled customer that misremembers a conversation or claims to. In these cases, you can listen to the recording to confirm that the information your employee provided was accurate, clearing up the miscommunication. 

Answering Across Devices

Modern phone systems make full use of technology. They can let you answer the physical phone or use an application on your smartphone or computer. This gives you additional flexibility to answer the phone whenever customers call, even if you are aware from your desk. 

After Hours Routing for Emergencies

Depending on your business, there may be occasional emergencies that require immediate attention. For example, plumbers or electricians may offer emergency services. By changing your legacy phone system, you can upgrade to a system that offers the ability to reroute calls after hours. For example, you could have after-hours rerouted to the mobile phone of an on-call member of your team instead of the office where no one is currently working. 


Changing your legacy phone system is an excellent way to utilize modern technology. Those features will make it easier for your customers to reach your employees. An upgraded phone system will improve employee and customer communication. This should result in less confusion and more satisfied customers.