What to Do If There was an Accident at Work

Accidents happen. It’s a way of life but when that accident bodily harms someone and causes severe damage, disability or even death, then an inquiry is in order. When you are severely harmed at work, you deserve compensation. This compensation isn’t something that is nice to have, it is something that you are entitled to. Worker’s compensation is there to help cover you while you recover from any injury and that is when there was no negligence involved. 

Negligence means that something went wrong because someone (often the owner or manager) cut corners. Instead of replacing an old piece of machinery, for example, they simply ignored the issue until you got hurt. This type of negligence can be criminal’, and you deserve justice, and compensation. 

If You Were Injured 

If you are injured, then you need to start the compensation process as soon as possible. If you have a union rep, go through them to help you get the compensation you need as well as to ensure that this issue never happens again. In other cases, you may need to go with a lawyer, especially if you don’t think it was just a simple accident that put you out of commission. 

For example, there is a big difference if you cut yourself as a chef, and if the stovetop blows up because of a ruptured gas line. That is the difference between going through the worker’s compensation form or going through a compensation lawyer. 

If Your Loved One Died 

There are some positions that have occupational hazards. Police officers, firefighters, those in the army, but unfortunately accidents cause deaths outside of these hazard positions all the time. In most cases, however, these accidents were actually caused by negligence, often by the employer or someone else on the team. 

There are very high standards of health and safety for the workplace, particularly in regards to heavy machinery and warehouses. If there was an accident and your loved one died as a result, then the grief and trauma can be immense. You are not just losing a loved one, but financial security and a future. Though it cannot bring your loved one back, going to BIK Law, the best wrongful death lawyer Los Angeles has to offer, can help you get compensation that will help you cover your costs and give you that much needed buffer to grieve without the weight of financial hardship weighing down on you. 

Compensation is based on pecuniary injury which covers a wide variety of losses, from loss of future financial support to the loss of love and companionship. 

Always Get Medical Attention 

You must always go to the hospital following a workplace accident. This is to get documentation and physical evidence of the damage done, and to also get a better understanding of what your recovery costs are. The same will of course apply with a wrongful death, but in these cases the burden of proof isn’t the issue, but instead the importance of gathering evidence towards negligence or even intent.